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Sustainable transport.

Power density and efficiency are the keys to the successful transformation of energy supplies to ensure our environment is sustainable in the face of growing energy demands. We are creating solutions for modern transport and energy needs.

Permanent Magnet Electric Motors

The magniflux™ motor is an ideal solution for high power density and high efficiency applications such as transport, marine and industry.

To increase the range and battery life of hybrid and all electric vehicles requires an innovative approach to deliver a motor with reduced mass and higher efficiency.

There are many applications where compact size, high efficiency, speed and torque are essential to commercial success. Examples include buses, pumps, compressors, aircraft turbines and marine motors.

magniflux™ delivers on every aspect:

magniflux™ operates with torques and power densities of up to 40% more than today’s conventional class of motor.

magniflux™ permanent magnet motors provide bus and boat designers with an opportunity to increase efficiency, load balancing and operating range.

The decrease in mass (up to 20%) for the same power output creates a new class of engine for a variety of space and weight constrained transport applications.

Superconducting magniflux™ Technology

Superconductors have zero electric resistance at very low temperatures. magniX has pioneered its superconducting designs by starting from scratch, conceptualising the theoretical limit and building a viable model using magniflux™  to achieve 25kW/kg — a technical goal with transformational commercial value.

Superconducting generators and motors improve efficiency and dramatically reduce the weight and size of generators and motors without compromising their power requirements.

We build superconducting generators for energy intensive industries such as smelting and hydrogen fuel production — the most advanced and efficient in the world.

Our magniflux™  technology enables us to achieve this through applications such as:

  • Generators and motors for all electric aircraft
  • Sustainable transport including built for purpose bus and marine motors
  • Efficient Industries including low cost high current power supplies, and rapid and deployable power systems

Our mantra is 10 times better, not 10% better.

Power Density Application

Next generation electric motors for electric transport vehicles require maximum efficiency, power and torque density across the load spectrum, whilst minimising weight, volume and cost. This is our sweet spot.

At this power density, electric propulsion of high- performance light unmanned and autonomous vehicles is possible, whereby less fuel is consumed and the vehicles becomes compact, powerful and reliable. Mobile generation becomes transformative.

Power densities that will transform all forms of electric transport from land, marine and sea — the potential to provide efficient and economical alternatives for short to medium distances.

At power densities of 25kW/kg all electric aircraft become a reality, making medium to long distances possible. Not only aircraft, but wind turbines, ship propulsion and high- speed transport will be transformed.


Demand for magniX’s products is being driven by increasing regulation and the need for higher power-density electric engines across the globe. The first of magniX’s products showcases the performance and reliability of magniflux™.

The HTMC-500 is a high torque-density magnetic coupler. The magnetic coupler has an excellent torque capacity for its overall size and mass. The high torque-density is specific to our products and unique to the coupling construction. The coupling can be readily retrofitted to existing applications that utilise magnetic or non-magnetic couplings. The coupling is particularly suitable for use in applications where rotary motion has to be transmitted across a sealed barrier.

The magniflux™ motor has been developed for high power density and high efficiency applications such as transport, marine and industry. It is the workhorse of our product line and provides superior performance compared to incumbents and has an expanded sweet spot of efficiency specifically tailored to bus and marine applications.

magniflux™ technology significantly reduces (>40%) the need for steel backing on the rotor — thereby minimising the weight of the rotor. This gives the rotor a fast transient response, enabling it to reverse direction quickly, and quickly switch from motoring to generating.

Our high current superconductor generators, utilises null field technology, specially designed for high field superconducting magnets
and liquid metal current collectors. This superconducting product has been successfully prototyped and tested and is now being deployed for high current applications such as smelting and electrolysis, reducing power supply costs by eliminating the need for capital items such as a rectiformer. Combined with renewable energy sources such as wind to drive the generator, zero emissions are possible.

Our superconducting magniflux™ motors and generators will have the highest power to weight ratios — a transformational advancement to energy generation, storage and use. We are now building superconducting generators and motors for energy intensive and efficient applications such as all electric aircraft motors and generators — it is the only known technology that can meet this requirement.

About Us

magniX, a subsidiary of Heron Energy, is a privately owned company based in Queensland which develops and commercialises advanced, power dense and energy-efficient motors and generators.

Power density and efficiency are the keys to the successful transformation of energy supplies to ensure our environment endures in the face of growing energy demands.

magniX is leading energy innovation to deliver cost effective electrification and decarbonisation of our world by developing ground breaking patented superconductor and permanent magnet rotating machines based on magniflux™.

magniflux™ delivers power densities and efficiencies unobtainable by today’s conventional systems and forms the basis of the technology inside our motors and generators.


magniflux™ means precision placement of magnetic field. The field has strength where it is useful and is minimised where it is not, magnifying the power density.

While conventional machines stop at 2.5 kW/kg, with nominal values between 0.25 and 0.5 kW/kg, the power to mass ratios for the magniX rotating machines are between 10 and 25 kW/kg. To put this in perspective, magniX technology is capable of producing up to three times the power density of modern aircraft engines.

Using magniflux™ we can achieve 25kW/kg — a technical goal which has significant commercial value within existing industries and the ability to create new markets.

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